Welcome to Lancelot Andrewes Press! 

Our narrow focus is to produce needed new works, like the St. Dunstan's Plainsong Psalter, and the 2009 Book of Common Prayer. We also, with permission, have brought back into print volumes of particular genius in translation such as the Commentary on the Psalms by Dr. Neale and the Monastic Diurnal edited by Canon Douglas and the Monastic Breviary Matins. The American Missal altar edition is the work of Fr. Maddox S.S.J.E. in the second edition of 1952 with additional mass canons and a supplement of saints and proper prefaces. These works have been well received by those who worship in English and who have found old printings nearly impossible to find. 

With this in mind, please feel free to browse through our books, ideal for both private devotion and liturgical use.

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